The world’s most
versatile flatbread!

hat are ployes anyway?

Ployes are a crepe-like flatbread made with buckwheat flour. They can be used to substitute bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner & even desserts.
Kosher Pareve Certified
Ployes are also certified Kosher Pareve Certified.
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Real buckwheat from acadia

Our Buckwheat Flour

Our buckwheat flour is Certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Food Program (GFFP). Established in 2004 by the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) and was the first program of its kind to certify manufacturers and brands gluten-free.

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Ployes original mix made with buckwheat flour and wheat flour.
The Original - Small
Ployes original mix is the stuff dreams are made of.
The Original - Large
Ployes whole wheat mix made with buckwheat flour and whole wheat flour.
Whole What Mix
Bouchard certified gluten free buckwheat flour
certified gluten-free
Buckwheat Flour

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Fat Free
Sugar Free
Lactose Free
Cholesterol Free

hat Ployes Lovers Cook

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Ployes are the world's most versatile flatbread made of buckwheat and wheat flours.




"This is authentic
and yummy!!"
"What I like is that it is super easy to prepare - 3/4c mix plus a cup of water. You have a breakfast that is quick and easy."
“I wish we'd
bought more.”
"I make Ployes and my family loves them. They are so delicious with butter or jam."
"Excellent flavor and very easy to make."
"All you need is water ,very cold, and you can have a nice addition to any meal. Yum!"
"Great flavor and wonderful taste"
"I make Ployes and my family loves them. They are so delicious with butter or jam."

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Ployes cookbook

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to ours

101 Ways to eat ployes. Our family recipes handed down from generation to generation.