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Real buckwheat from acadia

Highest Gluten Standards

Bouchard Family Farm photographed by Paul Cyr

GFFP’s gluten-free certification standards increases consumer confidence that manufacturing procedures have been reviewed and certified by an independent gluten-free expert and demonstrates legitimacy of our gluten-free processes.

Gluten-Free Community

The GFFP is endorsed by the National Celiac Association. The endorsement provides gluten-free brands with a powerful supporting message to help effectively market and communicate with the gluten-free community, build genuine relationships and maximize long-term customer loyalty.

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Light Buckwheat Flour

The only buckwheat flour certified gluten-free with no additives, no preservatives, and is all-natural. With twice the amount of B vitamins as wheat flour and as much protein as meat, eggs, and milk.
Buckwheat milling process - cultivationbuckwheat millingPloyes stacked with fruitThe farm at sunset, notice the beautiful red glow of the buckwheat flowerCertified organic buckwheat mill.Buckwheat flower before milling -closeup
All three Ployes Mix products with the finished product wrapped around creton.Bouchard family of Bouchard family farms