Facts about Buckwheat

buckwheat1But first, a bit of history. The buckwheat grown in Aroostook county Maine has tiny white flowers and is known as “silver hulled” buckwheat. This variety is grown exclusively in the northern part of Maine and parts of Canada. The farmers grew and milled buckwheat for their own consumption and the middlings or bran were used for livestock feed. They also used the hulls to insulate their homes.

The buckwheat plant is extremely hardy and resilient, which makes it easy to grow without the use of chemicals. The short growing season here in the St. John Valley is perfect for the 10-12 weeks required to produce the buckwheat seed.

The word “buckwheat” actually comes from a Dutch word meaning beech wheat and refers to the fruit of the buckwheat, which resembles a tiny beech nut. Buckwheat is not a grain but an herb or fruit closely related to wild rhubarb, making buckwheat flour "Gluten Free".

buckwheatfieldCross contamination is highly improbable because there is no rye, wheat, or barley grown on the farm. Our mill is used strictly to mill our own buckwheat.
Buckwheat is high in complex carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, protein, and fiber. It contains twice the amount of B vitamins as wheat flour.

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